Business Focus

I prioritise business benefits over technical complexity. I have a reputation for providing high quality, well-engineered solutions that deliver long-term benefits.

The sheer amount of care and detail Mark puts into the quality, robustness and safety of our solutions is exemplary.

Chris Pursey (former manager)


I have recent management experience, and I am a strategic thinker. I focus on the success of my clients and my team.

[I] will always seek council from [Mark] on matters surrounding the team and out development strategy / journey.

Paul Roll (former manager)

Teamwork and Communication

I express complex ideas clearly, and I establish beneficial working partnerships with clients, suppliers, colleges and other stakeholders.

[Mark] is very articulate and can communicate professionally at all levels and is quick to understand different themes, paradigms, technologies and people!

Chris Pursey (former manager)

I am self-managing, and I foster an atmosphere of openness, support, and mutual respect within my team.

Mark comes across as approachable and friendly and someone who does not hesitate to help either professionally or personally. He respects people for what they are and maintains confidentiality as required.

Rahmatullah Mohammed (former manager)

Problem Solving

I am a tenacious and innovative problem solver. I derive satisfaction from finding elegant solutions to complex challenges.

Mark’s ability to build a mental model of a system is unique and enables him to consider potential problems that many would overlook.

Chris Pursey (former manager)

I have supplied IT solutions to Local Government, Education, Healthcare, Voluntary Groups, and Commercial Enterprises.

Mark … has extraordinary ability to digest complex problems. If you have a mind bending problem than Mark is your man!

Rahmatullah Mohammed (former manager)